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Selena leads an incredibly venturous life. Embracing her role as a wife, mom and businesswoman, she sets aside time to lose herself in the sea of resources surrounding the fashion world. She became fascinated at a very young age. It was a great place to dream but she knew she needed to make things happen.  

She has built herself a reputable portfolio and much of her success lies in great timing. Selena has a long history in merchandising and regional management for international to local independents. ESPRIT de corp is just a taste. In 2003, the renowned Blanche Macdonald Centre provided this alumna the ability to share her invaluable insight with industry up-comers in her role as fashion marketing instructor. Selena has been a Vancouver-based freelance consultant since 2005. She has settled into her calling by offering a strategically diverse forte of a la carte fashion marketing & merchandising services. You will find her facilitating sustainability workshops for Canada’s only non-profit fashion organization FTA  and as Event Curator for SFW Vancouver 

In 2012, her entrepreneurial spirit was reignited while lending a creative hand to childhood friend, Lesley. This undertaking evolved into her latest endeavour as a disruptive duo dreaming out loud: an innovative retail brand:  LUERRE. Stay tuned as a brooch reimagined is on the horizon. 

Selena’s passion for philanthropy runs deep. She is a magnanimous support system within her community and networks. Being involved in a fashion-related business affords her the ability to raise awareness surrounding transparency in the fashion industry. If you are interested in connecting with Selena, click here.


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