Selena, it was our pleasure to work with you! Your talent make our vision come to fruition. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE the open feeling of the space.


store layout revitalization

When your store needs a complete spectrum design from mission statement to floor planning, I am your fashion merchandising consultant.

As a Vancouver fashion merchandising Consultant, I’ve worked with many clients on the entire end-to-end process from mission statement, store layout support, and customer profiling to productivity assessments, merchandise assortment divisions, store floor planning and roll out implementations.

Together, we curate your brand’s niche messaging and a strategic set of niche-driven initiatives that set you apart from the competition. Then, we allow this to inform the creation of your lifestyle-forward selling space to ensure the end product is one that speaks you (and your customer’s) fashion language.

Inquire about working with me as your Fashion Merchandising Consultant here.

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