I needed a new set of eyes to plan the space and products. So I hired an expert to get the showroom in order with a sense of flow and cohesion. Selena’s experience and talent set the stage for my success.

wholesale showroom

When your stock has arrived and it needs organization to match its weight, I am your merchandise management consultant. 

For many fashion businesses, stock arrival is a seasonal, monthly, or sometimes biweekly reality, and as a merchandise management expert, I can ensure this influx of stock runs smoothly and leaves your store looking aesthetically beautiful.

Merchandise management takes care of all of the vitals, including placement and presentation of your new and existing stock and overall organization and shopability of your store. With your floor plans on hand, we design a balanced yet structured atmosphere with the customer experience at the forefront of our priorities. We craft strategic lifestyle divisions to reflect your brand and space in the best light – from your walls, tables, and racks to your cash desk – and always ensure over-stuffing product remains a problem of the past.

Inquire about working with me as your Merchandise Management Consultant here.

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