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What are the advantages of hiring a fashion marketing consultant?
  1. Gain an objective outsiders perspective and aesthetic eye.
  2. Specialized expertise, maximizing performance and productivity.
  3. Accomplish short term goals quickly and strategically.
  4. Outside market & industry knowledge.
  5. Offers you the luxury of having time for other tasks.
  6. Develop new skill sets.
What are the financial benefits of hiring a fashion marketing consultant?
  1. Pay per use.
  2. No overhead costs.
  3. Save on staffing expenses. (payroll, WCB, medical benefits, etc.)
  4. Tax benefits.
Why hire a fashion marketing consultant?
  1. Expert advice can be invaluable.
  2. Saving time is a strategic advantage.
  3. You need help to quantify your ideas to fruition.
  4. Aesthetic presentation of the space adds value to the brand.
  5. Investing in your business strategically enables the continuation of profit.
When do I need to hire a fashion marketing consultant?
  1. A proper strategy needs to be implemented but you don’t know how.
  2. The demands of wearing all the ‘hats’ has you over extended.
  3. New tactics are essential to create greater market niche.
  4. This is an area you want to become better versed in.
  5. You want a niche driven distinctive visual brand.
Where does Selena work?
Selena is based out of Vancouver, BC and mobile within the Greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley region.
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